While the stereotypical set of braces was an unsightly and, for some, embarrassing mess of metal, times have changed. There are now plenty of different options for straightening your teeth. If you want an effective, comfortable and discreet option that also gives you added confidence Invisalign may be the right solution.

 Here are some of the facts and benefits of this treatment:

  • No brackets, bands or wires – With Invisalign, there are no brackets, bands or wires to deal with. Custom aligners, which are virtually invisible, are placed on your bottom and top teeth. Over time, the aligners work to move your teeth into their correct place. The aligners are replaced every two weeks.  
  • Flexibility – Invisalign is typically worn 20 to 22 hours per day. Whenever you eat, brush and floss your teeth, you will have to remove the aligners and then put them back on shortly afterward. Another benefit to Invisalign is that they're easy to clean, and you're not faced with the same level of dietary restrictions as braces wearers. 
  • Relatively fast treatment – While each case is based on the individual's needs, on average people wear Invisalign for nine to 18 months. Every month you'll come in for an appointment with your orthodontist, as you would for other forms of orthodontics

Don't put off straightening your teeth and getting your perfect smile any longer. Upper Eastside Orthodontists is one of the Elite Invisalign Practices in the country, and one of only four in New York City to have that designation. Contact us at  888-378-2976 to learn more about our treatment options and Invisalign clear braces. Dr. Vaysman will meet with you to see whether you could benefit from Invisalign.

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