If your child has recently undergone orthodontic treatment, his or her teeth may still be feeling sore just as one of their favorite times of the year, the holidays, is approaching. However, moms and dads can help their little loved ones by planning menus filled with delicious food items that also offer them a bit of relief from sore gums and achy teeth.

When it comes to dessert, certain staples may be off-limits. For example, many orthodontists advise parents to help steer their children away from nuts, licorice, hard candy and popcorn. 

But, just because your child has braces for kids, doesn't mean he won't be able to get his fill of sugary delights. Consider adding the following treats to your holiday menu to ensure your child is filled with joy this December:

1. Frozen yogurt, ice cream or sorbet – Great tasting and soothing to sore gums, these desserts can provide an alternative to crunchy snacks. However, parents may want to note that some ice creams, such as those with chunks of candy or sticky caramels, should be avoided.

2. Smoothies and milkshakes – These tasty treats can be enjoyable to drink and just as fun to prepare. Make sure you stock up on your little one's favorite fruits and ice cream and let him or her join in on the fun!

3. Soft baked goods – Freshly baked cookies, cupcakes and muffins are all great treats that your child can enjoy this holiday season. These foods are easy on sore teeth and a staple of the holiday season, so focusing on these treats is a simple way to make your child feel like he isn't missing out on the holiday experience.

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