Good dental hygiene is an important part of overall health, but sometimes appointments are missed or rescheduled and people resort to their own devices for tooth care. While it is not advised to go more than six months without a visit to a professional, there are a few home remedies, tips and tricks that can help you keep your shining smile.

Toothache pain is generally a sign that you should see a doctor, but if you can't get to your dentist fast enough to relieve the pain, there are a few ways that you might reduce the pain of a toothache.

  • Clove oil – Used for generations, clove oil actually works because of the eugenol that is naturally contained in the oil. According to Everyday Health, a cotton ball with two to three drops of clove oil and one drop of olive oil will at least reduce the pain of your ache until you can see a professional.
  • Cough drops – They generally work for your throat because they have some form of anesthetic in small amounts. These generally help soothe sore throats, but can also help with toothaches for temporary relief.
  • Tea – In some cases, tea will help reduce swelling enough to decrease the pain you feel as the result of a toothache. This is because some teas contain tannic acid, which works to reduce swelling.

While some of these might work for a little while, they are not long-term cures. If your aches persist, you should consult a professional. Toothaches and mouth pains are serious as they can affect your diet and everyday lives. Be sure to take care of any issues as soon as they arise.

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