There are many important parts of your body that keep you breathing, walking and thinking every day. But what about the smallest parts, the teeth? Although tiny in comparison to other body systems and areas, the teeth are a crucial aspect of human function, aiding in many systems, including digestion and even speech.

My Teeth do That?

Many patients are aware that the teeth aid in chewing, but what is there to know?

  • Braces have been around for a really, really long time: One of the earliest recordings of braces dates back to the early 1700’s, with a form of metal connected to the teeth by a thread. Before this, there is evidence that people as early as the Egyptians were attempting to straighten teeth too.
  • Teeth enhance appearances: A recent study found that those with straight teeth are perceived as more likely to be successful and wealthy, as opposed to someone with the same experience who may have crooked teeth. Often, a straighter smile gives people the confidence they need to succeed in a range of life events.
  • Saliva is essential for the teeth: The average person produces a quart of saliva every day, which can equal the amount of a full-length swimming pool over time. Saliva keeps the teeth wet, neutralizing acid and preventing bacteria. A dry mouth can cause serious health effects and lead to decay of both the teeth and the gums. A dry mouth can also cause bad breath.

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