Picture perfect straight teeth can do more than just make your smile symmetrical. There have been numerous studies associated with the benefits of straight teeth and their overall improvement on quality of life.

Benefits of Straight Teeth

  • Alleviating speech impediment issues: Teeth are one of many components that help you speak. Severely crooked or crowded teeth can cause speech impediments such as a lisp.
  • Decreasing headaches and neck pain: Misalignment of the teeth can place stress on the gums and bone that support them. This can lead to tension felt in the neck and head as well as the face.
  • Improving overall happiness: Recent studies indicate that those who smile often have a more positive, happier outlook on life. In addition, smiling can reduce stress, increase trust and lower your risk of heart disease.
  • Preventing oral hygiene and disease issues: Straighter teeth means an easier time at the orthodontist when it comes time to check and clean them. Clean teeth mean cleaner gums. Plaque buildup can cause inflammation, redness and bleeding of the gums. Gum disease, such as gingivitis, is a serious issue that can cause bacterial infections and ultimately tooth loss if left untreated.

A bacteria buildup in the mouth can cause serious health complications including heart disease, stroke, diabetes and pneumonia.

If you are experiencing pain in your mouth, especially in your gums, schedule a visit with Dr. Tanya Vaysman at Upper East Side Orthodontists. Your crooked teeth don’t have to be permanent fixtures. We have many options available for treatment including braces, Invisalign and iBraces. More information on the types of braces we offer can be found here.

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