Although having straight teeth may just seem like a cosmetic  consideration in a person's life, there are many known health benefits as well. Often, when most people think of overall health, they focus on the body or mental health. The mouth, though, is also a vital part of both of these and shouldn't be neglected. 

Keep the following four physical and mental health benefits of straight teeth in mind if you're feeling on the fence about scheduling your next orthodontist appointment. 

  • A healthy, heartfelt smile makes for a great first impression: A smile is often one of the first features other people may notice about you. If you're hiding your smile due to misaligned or crooked teeth, they may think you're not friendly or don't want to interact with them. The appearance of your smile should never hold you back from showing how you really feel.
  • Confidence boost: An aligned, bright smile is one of the best confidence boosters a person may have. Almost all respondents polled during a recent study on orthodontic health believe that a great smile is an important social asset.
  • Healthy gums: Gaps in teeth, as well as crooked or overcrowded areas, can cause gum disease. As crooked teeth may cause more food to be left in between teeth and hard to reach places, plaque can also build up, leading to an inflamed mouth and ultimately periodontal complications.
  • Less wear and tear: An uneven alignment of the teeth can cause an equal, uneven distribution of force with each bite. This may cause severe wear on the teeth, including chipping, if left untreated.

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