Are you afraid to talk to people – even your partner – before your brush your teeth in the morning because you are worried about having bad breath? Morning breath is a real issue for many adults, and can prevent them from feeling comfortable even in their own homes.

The reason for bad breath – or halitosis – in the morning is due to a decreased flow of saliva throughout the night that normally rinses your mouth of foul smelling bacteria. Additionally, those individuals who breathe through their mouths or snore at night are far more likely to experience morning breath as their mouths are drier for a longer period of time.

Other causes of bad breath could be related to medications that you may take that can lead to drying of the mouth and throat, smoking and allergy symptoms. Smokers are especially prone to bad breath, as cigarettes dry up saliva and increase temperatures within your mouth, resulting in a foul smell. Post-nasal drip from allergies can also act as food for bad smelling bacteria in the back of your mouth.

The good news is that no matter how bad your bad breath, it is easily treatable! Here are a few ways to improve the smell of your morning breath:

Brush – A good amount of foul smelling bacteria live between your teeth and on the surface of your tongue. By brushing two or three times a day, you reduce the ability for these bacteria to breed and impact your dental health. When you brush your teeth, best practice is to do so for two minutes – at least. For your nighttime routine, don't eat or drink anything after you have brushed, so that no bacteria has a chance to form overnight.

Floss – If bacteria lives between the teeth, the best way to eliminate them is to floss regularly. This will also improve tooth and gum health, and remove any lodged food particles.

Rinse – Lack of saliva plays a big role in the odor of bad breath, so being sure to rinse your mouth will help you reduce bad bacteria as well as wash away any lingering smells. When using mouthwash, swish for 30 seconds and then rinse with water for 30 additional seconds.

Schedule – If your schedule allows it, you should be brushing in the morning, after lunch and again at night to keep teeth shiny and bright. If you are unable to do this, making sure to take the time to brush, floss and rinse as part of your morning and nightly routine will do wonders for your dental health.

If you have taken these steps and are still experiencing bad breath, it might be time to make an appointment with a dental professional New York City orthodontist like those at Upper Eastside Orthodontists. 

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