As we’ve noted in a recent article, an increasing number of adults are choosing to get braces. Adults now represent half of the individuals opting for orthodontic treatment, according to Cherie Berkley of WebMD. A large reason for the increased popularity of adult orthodontic treatment is that there are now more lightweight, comfortable and cosmetically friendly types of braces available.

5 Key Things

As we’ve also recently noted, orthodontic treatment offers more than just cosmetic benefits. If you’re an adult interested in braces, here are some of the key considerations you should research and discuss with your orthodontist:

  • What are your main expectations in terms of orthodontic treatment? Make sure to share these expectations with your orthodontist. This way, you can develop a treatment plan that both corrects your particular dental issues and meets your goals.
  • Discuss with your provider if you could be a good candidate for Invisalign or other discrete treatment options.
  • Find out how long different treatment options would take. It is also important to determine how important a factor the length of treatment is to you.
  • Ask if, and how, treatment might change your facial profile. While braces normally offer improvements, making your smile straighter, it is helpful to know about these changes before starting treatment.
  • Find out what your insurance provider will cover. Make sure to always have questions regarding insurance settled before you begin treatment.

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