On this blog, we talk a lot about the different ways that you can build and grow healthy teeth for the perfect smile. The mouth is the gateway to the rest of the body – as whatever you consume impacts your overall health and wellness – so it is an important part of being physically strong and healthy. But how do you maintain good dental health and hygiene?

Today, we thought it would be a good time to give a quick rundown of the most effective ways to maintain a healthy mouth so you can keep your pearly whites shining bright.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Brush – Professionals recommend brushing two to three times a day. Brushing properly will remove food particles and bacteria found on the surface of your teeth, as well as leave you with fresh, minty breath!
  • Eat – You are what you eat, especially when it comes to your mouth. If you drink a lot of coffee or beverages that stain, your teeth will reflect that. Additionally, if you aren't getting enough calcium, your teeth will not be as strong as they could be. Try and eat plenty of leafy greens and other calcium-rich foods, and avoid sugary or sticky foods that can damage tooth enamel.
  • Floss – To get to those hard-to-reach places between teeth and the gum line, flossing will help you eliminate bad bacteria from your mouth. Flossing daily will keep teeth clean and aid in avoiding gum disease and tooth decay.
  • Procedures – When trying to make a good first impression, having a bright and vibrant smile can make all the difference. Professionals can offer you or your child adult braces, cleanings and advice on other cosmetic procedures that may help the overall look of your teeth.
  • Smoking and Tobacco – Neither of these things are good for your teeth or gums. People who smoke or use tobacco are four times more likely to develop gum disease, and users of smokeless tobacco are more susceptible to oral cancers, according to Everyday Health.
  • Visit a professional – Making regular dental visits is an important part of mouth health. You may think you are doing everything you can for your teeth, but a professional will be able to see more than you can, and give you educated advice on best practices.
  • Whiten – Its a small and easy procedure, but whitening your teeth can make a huge difference in they way they, and you, look. It is suggested that you consult a dental professional before choosing a product for whitening your teeth as severity of stains and overall mouth health can impact which brand is right for you.

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