According to the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), in the period between 2010 and 2012, the number adults seeking orthodontic treatment increased 14 percent to a record high of 1,225,850 patients. In celebration of these adults who have chosen to improve their smiles with braces, the AAO recently inducted the inaugural class into its Adult Hall of Fame. 2014’s group includes male and female professionals in diverse careers. 

One member of the AAO Adult Hall of Fame is Amielle Abshire, a New Jersey-based private pilot in her early 30s. She spends her days transporting athletes, politicians and executives all over the country, but that’s not her only job. Individuals in her profession have to create a top-notch experience for their passengers and make sure that every part of the journey is enjoyable. 

While working in Los Angeles, Abshire began to become concerned with her smile. She always greets passengers with a friendly smile, but her teeth weren’t perfectly straight. She initially sought cosmetic options, but ultimately decided that orthodontic treatment was the best avenue to pursue. 

“The orthodontist explained that some treatment options don’t deliver the full health and aesthetic benefits I was looking for,” Abshire told the AAO’s My Life My Smile website. ” If I was going to improve my smile, I wanted it to be perfect.”

The private pilot opted for ceramic brackets and noted that most of her colleagues and passengers don’t notice that she is undergoing treatment. 

Many adults feel unsure about getting braces because they assume that their only options are the metal wires and brackets that they remember from childhood. Adult braces have come a long way, though, and you just need to get in contact with an orthodontist in New York City to learn more. 

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