In May of this year, Dr. Gayle Glenn was elected as the first female president of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO). The Dallas-based orthodontist has been practicing since 1984 and focuses her practice on treating children and adolescents. In an interview with GateHouse Media, Dr. Glenn discussed the importance of orthodontic treatment and how it encourages overall oral health.

“Orthodontic treatment is a smart investment in oral health,” Dr. Glenn said to the source. “The American Association of Orthodontists estimates that between 50 and 75 percent of the population in general could benefit from some form of orthodontic treatment. Very few of us are born with perfectly aligned teeth and jaws. Even those who were may suffer trauma that may require orthodontic care or may experience maturational changes.”

According to Dr. Glenn, the purpose of orthodontic braces are to help a patient develop a healthy bite. This allows an individual to bite, chew and speak effectively. Additionally, properly aligned teeth and jaws are easier to keep clean and can prevent plaque and bacteria build-up and cavities. Improperly aligned teeth can wear down enamel and cause tooth loss, she added.

Adult Orthodontic Treatments

Despite having mostly juvenile patients, Dr. Glenn noted that adults can be candidates for orthodontic treatment as well. Technological advances like Invisalign, ceramic braces and lingual braces have made it possible for adults to have more discrete treatment options. Orthodontic appliances also work faster than they did several years ago.

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