When you go to the gym, your body tends to be tired afterwards. Would you overstrain yourself or continue to do heavy lifting at home? Probably not, which is why after a visit to your New York orthodontist to have your braces tightened, you should keep that mindset and be as gentle as possible.

Be conscious of the foods you eat and take some extra time to make your meals bite-sized and filled with softer options.

For example, hard foods such as nuts, stiff bread and items you normally have to bite into with your front teeth are best avoided after a tightening. In general, these options should be rarely eaten while you have braces, as brackets and wires could be damaged by them. But when your teeth are especially sore, it will not be easy to eat these foodstuffs.

Soft Foods to Eat with Braces

When you prepare meals, add in a few more steps to ease the biting and chewing you need to do. If you want to eat corn on the cob, slice the kernels off so you don’t need to put pressure on your teeth with each bite. Cutting up food like apples, raw vegetables and even meat into small pieces will also make meals more enjoyable.

Pudding, yogurt and homemade smoothies are always good options right after a tightening. These choices are cold and soft, which will soothe sore teeth and won’t be difficult to chew or swallow. While ice cubes themselves might be tempting, trying to gnaw on one is not advised.

Whether you have kids with braces or are an adult going through orthodontic care, your meals might change, but you don’t need to implement harsh limits either.

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