Those with orthodontic braces know how important it is to include daily flossing as a part of their regular oral hygiene regimen. In a previous post, we provided instructions on how to floss with a threader, but for some people, especially children and those with dexterity issues, this can be difficult. Today, we'll explore a few alternatives to consider, but be sure to check with your orthodontist before changing your normal routine. 

Floss picks

Orthodontic floss picks are small, Y-shaped plastic tools with a piece of floss strung between them. They are specially angled so that they can slide up behind the archwire to floss in between the teeth.

Water irrigator

This is an electric or battery-operated device that shoots a stream of water between your teeth. They are very gentle on the gums, and in an added benefit, antibacterial rinses can be used in the reservoir as well.

Electric flosser

This is a battery-operated device that has a vibrating rubber tip. It is placed between teeth and is moved up and down the sides to rub off food and germs clinging to the teeth.


With this device, a stream of air and water micro-droplets are shot between your teeth to remove plaque, bacteria, and food debris. Similar to a water irrigator, the reservoir holds water, mouthwash or another rinse. 

If you are not going to use traditional floss, it is important that you find find some way to clean between your teeth regularly. One or more of the above options may work for you, but it best to seek out professional advice. Contact a New York City orthodontist today to learn more about how you can keep your braces clean. 

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