If you're an adult with crooked teeth, you may think that the ship has sailed for you to fix them. However, orthodontic appliances are not just for children and teenagers, and like the following celebrities, you also can discover that it's never too late to perfect your smile.

Tom Cruise
The man with the most famous smile in Hollywood had braces? To perfect what already seemed like an ideal set of teeth, Tom Cruise wore invisible braces with ceramic brackets in 2002.

Miley Cyrus
When the singer decided to straighten her teeth, she opted for lingual braces. These custom-made appliances that fit on the tongue side of the teeth are increasingly popular for celebrities and other people who are constantly in the public eye.

Faith Hill
The Grammy Award-winning country star was spotted at many red carpet events earlier this year sporting a set of ceramic braces. Although she has had this set of orthodontics for about a year, this is not her first experience with teeth straightening. Hill had braces as a kid, but admitted that she never wore a retainer once the appliances were removed.

Gwen Stefani
Although she later admitted to "Access Hollywood" that they were not necessary, Gwen Stefani made headlines in 1999 when she began to wear metal braces. She said that she had always wanted them as a child, but when she became wealthy "could afford them at that point, and that's when she went and got them."

Those Inspired by these celebrities should contact a New York City orthodontist to learn more about the options for adult braces.

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