Are Tooth Whitening Products Child Appropriate?

Teeth-whitening products have become extremely popular in recent years, but are they safe for your children to use? Most dentists, including your New York dentist, Dr. Shiva Basir, recommend that no whitening products be used on your children until they reach the age of 14. By then, all baby teeth are gone, and adult teeth have fully emerged.

Teeth-whitening programs

Any teeth-whitening program for your child should be discussed with your Upper East Side Kids Dentist, but if you’re doing something at home, it should be with a product containing a low amount of bleach. You should also follow all instructions on the label, so you don’t cause more harm than good. If teeth or gums become irritated, any treatment should be stopped, and you should consult with your dental team.

If your child has a relatively severe discoloration of the teeth, it may be that a professional whitening is in order, and this can be done by Dr. Shiva Basir, right at the dental facility. There are also some discolorations which occur as a result of injury, and these will not be improved by any bleaching agents or whitening products.