When the majority of people think of braces, they probably think that the function of this orthodontic treatment is simply to straighten teeth. However, that line of thinking couldn't be further from the truth. Although braces certainly do help correct teeth that are misaligned, these wired brackets have other benefits that are sometimes overshadowed.

''We think of braces as merely straightening of the teeth, but teeth that are properly aligned can enhance your overall health – as well improving confidence and self-esteem,'' said Massachusetts-based orthodontist Sam Levine in an interview with Boston.com.

Furthermore, clear braces, traditional metal bracketed braces and Invisalign are also used to fix overbites and underbites as well as teeth that are crowded or twisted and turned the wrong way. Studies have even been published that say up to 70 percent of the population in the United States could benefit from some form of orthodontic treatment.

If you think that people with braces were born with teeth that weren't as perfect as they could be, think again. Many habits that people develop during infancy and childhood, such as thumbsucking, can impact the way that adult teeth come in.

After spending your life embarrassed about your smile, know that there is no better time than the present to take action. Those living in the New York City area should consider scheduling an appointment with an award-winning orthodontist like Dr. Tanya Vaysman or a member of her staff at Upper Eastside Orthodontists. To learn more about what braces can do for you, call our practice at 1-888-378-2976 or log onto Dr. Vaysman's website, www.ueso.org.

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