Proper dental hygiene is always a good idea, but when you have braces, it is even more imperative to remain diligent during brushing and flossing. However, remembering some simple tips and staying on the lookout for common dental issues can keep your smile bright through your entire experience with braces. 

  • Clean your teeth after every meal – While some might find this practice to be a little tedious, especially kids with braces, pieces of food can get stuck and lead to plaque buildup or even gingivitis. When you're at home, an electronic toothbrush can eradicate tricky bits of food that a regular toothbrush can miss. Flossing can also eliminate any particles that are stuck between your teeth and some simple floss threaders can help you get underneath brackets and wires.
  • Swap sugary snacks for fruit – Not only is this option healthier overall, but sugar-based foods and soda stick more easily to your teeth and braces. Foods that are high in fiber and filled with vitamins can also give your body extra strength to fight off gingivitis.
  • Rinse with mouthwash – Even if you don't want to carry mouthwash around with you, a simple rinse with salt water can wash away pieces of food. Additionally, this helps ease mouth soreness.

For any serious problems, or long-lasting tooth pain, you should always speak with your New York City orthodontist. Taking care of your teeth while you have braces will keep your mouth healthy and ensure that your braces can come off on time. In order to guarantee a beautiful smile, brush around those brackets and floss daily. It might seem tedious, but the end result will be worth it.

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