Candidates for traditional braces are probably good candidates for invisible braces as well

When New York residents think about what they can do to straighten their teeth and finally get the smile of their dreams, one of the treatment options that frequently comes to mind is braces. However, one of the drawbacks that men, women and children see with this type of orthodontic appliance is, of course, that they are visible to everyone around them, even clear braces to a certain extent.

Yet, one option that is becoming increasingly popular among people across the country are Incognito Orthodontic Braces, also known as i-Braces. If you want to learn more about why invisible braces may be a great fit for your individual situation, then keep in mind that this form of treatment:

1) Is 100 percent customizable
One of the reasons that Incognito Braces are so effective is because each individual bracket is created to fit each individual tooth in your mouth. This allows for optimal comfort and performance.

2) Is typically appropriate for most patients
Worried about whether you are a good candidate for invisible braces? Then you'll be happy to know that this form of orthodontia is usually suited for anyone who can be treated with traditional braces, including those that are made of metal and brackets that are clear.

3) Means no one can tell you have braces
For some patients, especially those that are adults, the idea of walking around with very visible metal braces is quite unappealing. With i-Braces no one needs to know that you are correcting your smile. People wearing them will also tell you that another benefit to having invisible braces is that there is minimal discomfort when wearing them.

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