Concerned About White Marks on Your Teeth?

Do you have white marks on your teeth? It is important to know that these can be prevented through good oral hygiene, diet, and regular visits to your dental provider. Here are four tips to help you prevent white marks from showing up on your teeth.

Four Tips to Prevent White Marks on Your Teeth

  1. Brush frequently and thoroughly, as advised by your dentist, orthodontist, or provider.
  2. Floss daily.
  3. Skip acidic foods or beverages, like soft drinks, coffee, and citrus.
  4. See your dental provider at least twice a year, or more if recommended.

What are white marks?

The white marks on your teeth are an early sign of a cavity and are known as decalcification from plaque and other minerals left behind on your teeth. If left untreated, it can lead to a cavity. These marks are visible damage to the teeth from the bacteria and plaque, which are permanent.

What if you wear aligners?

Aligners don’t make you exempt from the risk of white spots. Always remove the aligner when eating or drinking, and rinse your mouth thoroughly with water after meals, snacks, and drinks. Clean your aligners carefully or risk the same white spots and subsequent cavities that clients without aligners can experience.

What can you do?

It can happen to you. Whether you have orthodontic treatments or not, you are still at risk for white marks teeth. Talk to the staff at your dental clinic to learn more. Clients that are concerned about developing decalcification or white marks on their teeth, should make dietary changes, such as limiting acid and sugar. Brush and floss conscientiously.

Use these tips to prevent white marks from compromising your teeth- and your smile! Talk to the staff at Upper East Side Orthodontics in New York, NY to schedule dental appointments with Dr. Vaysman, Dr. Basir, or Dr. Jahn’Shahi today.