The results of a recent study may change a few of your long-held beliefs about dental hygiene, as a group of scientists from Brazil have found that drinking coffee may actually keep teeth clean. This probably sounds a bit strange as almost every dental professional will tell their patients that coffee will stain their teeth. 

The study, published in the journal Letters in Applied Microbiology, found that a certain coffee variety may be able to destroy the bacteria which causes dental plaque. Scientists from Rio De Janeiro's Federal University examined the chemical properties of a coffee type known as robusta and observed that it could easily break down plaque film on teeth. Robusta is found in Brazil and Vietnam and has more caffeine than the better-known Arabica variety.

But if you're planning on heading to you local coffee shop to get a large cup of joe, you may want to slow down, according to lead researcher Andrea Antonio. 

"Whilst this is an exciting result, we have to be careful to add that there are problems associated with excessive coffee consumption, including staining and the effects of acidity on tooth enamel," Antonio said in a press release. "And if you take a lot of sugar and cream in your coffee, any positive effects on dental health are probably going to be canceled out."

When you have orthodontic braces, you have to pay special attention to the foods and drinks that you consume. Certain items are harder to clean off these appliances and may result in plaque build-up. To learn how to keep your teeth clean while undergoing orthodontic treatment, your best source of information is a New York City orthodontist. Contact the friendly staff at Upper Eastside Orthodontists to schedule a consultation. 

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