The same way that children develop and learn at their own pace, their teeth will also grow in at various speeds. It is important to keep that in mind when you start to plan for the possibility that your child might one day need braces.

Braces for kids can be necessary for multiple reasons. Everything from crooked teeth to an extreme overbite can be adjusted with braces, but it is important to speak with your New York City orthodontist before anything is finalized. It is also a crucial fact that individuals' teeth continue to grow and move well into their 20s, so if your child has one misaligned tooth in elementary school, it does not always mean that they immediately need braces.

An orthodontic consult can help determine the best route to take for your child. Early diagnostic and formulation of a treatment plan can keep teeth from moving into an unfavorable position or even ensure that permanent teeth are able to grow into their proper place. This blog previously discussed the possibility of extracting teeth before getting braces. This is where a well-developed plan can help make having braces as smooth of an experience as possible.

While these early sessions will not guarantee that your child will never need braces, it can be beneficial for both of you to understand everything that can happen. Having braces does not need to be a scary experience, especially for your child. When kids know what will be done to their teeth, and realize what the end result will be – a beautiful smile – it will be much easier to devote themselves to proper hygiene and diet while they have braces.

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