Over the past few years, Kate Middleton has made quite a name for herself. Not only are people buzzing about the fact that she’ll be the future queen of England, but fans from all over the world have praised her for her natural beauty and fresh look.

Kate may have become a member of the royal family when she got married to Prince William, but that doesn’t mean she was much different from every other bride – the Duchess of Cambridge wanted to look absolutely perfect on her wedding day. In addition to having a gorgeous dress, it also meant having her teeth in tip-top shape.

That is why Middleton reportedly visited French orthodontist Dr. Didier Fillion to help her get the smile she always wanted. Although he’ll neither confirm nor deny that he treated the Duchess, rumors have circulated that he put lingual braces, also known as invisible braces, on her teeth.

As a future queen in training, Kate knew the importance of always looking her best. Undoubtedly one of the reasons that she allegedly turned to invisible braces was because of the fact that, as their name suggests, they are invisible.

Clear Braces vs Lingual Braces

This orthodontic treatment differs from clear braces in that lingual braces are applied to the back of the teeth so that you can straighten your pearly whites without letting anyone know that you are doing so.

If you’d like a smile as perfect as Kate’s, then consider scheduling a consultation with a New York City orthodontist like Dr. Tanya Vaysman. She is one of the few providers of invisible braces in NYC and can speak to you about why you may be a good candidate for lingual braces or other forms of orthodontia.

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