Diet Tips to Prevent Kids’ Dental Problems

What kids eat may be the key to reducing kids’ dental problems like cavities. Surprisingly enough, just changing a few dietary habits may have huge benefits when it comes to kids’ dental health. Here are just a few tips to help you keep problems in check using their diets. 

Calcium and Vitamin D

A balanced diet that includes calcium and vitamin D promotes strong teeth and healthy gums. Dr. Shiva Basir says that young people can get calcium from dairy foods, calcium-fortified juices, and green vegetables. To get all the benefits, children need to eat three or four servings daily. 

The benefits of fluoride 

Fluoride helps to promote oral health by replacing lost minerals in teeth. It makes the enamel harder and makes it difficult for bacteria to produce the acid that erodes the enamel. In case of a deficiency in fluoride supply, experts may suggest fluoride supplements, fluoride toothpaste or fluoride treatments for kids. Talk to your pediatric dentist about what is best for your children. 

Too much fluoride and fluorosis

Too much fluoride can cause fluorosis, a dental condition that can be characterized by a change in the appearance of teeth. This could be either white lines running across the teeth or a chalky appearance with brown stains. An experienced Upper East Side Kids Dentist will examine the affected patient, advise accordingly, and provide the required treatment. 

Damaging sugars and kids’ dental problems

Although all sugars contribute to the growth of oral bacteria that produce acids that lead to tooth decay, there are some that present greater risk. Sugars in sticky foods, sodas, and sweetened drinks could cause serious dental issues. Starchy foods can also be converted easily into sugar by bacteria. A qualified New York dentist can offer tips on maintaining good oral hygiene. 

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