For some individuals, having orthodontic braces makes brushing their teeth even more of a chore. However, this is an ideal time to make proper dental care a priority. Rather than eliminating certain steps, such as flossing or using mouthwash, patients should create a routine that becomes second nature. That way, when the braces come off, they have a straight smile and a healthy mouth.

Take mouthwash: This is not a superfluous aspect of proper dental care. On the contrary, rinsing with such liquids can help keep gums and teeth in top shape. The important thing to keep in mind, though, is the act of swishing – moving the mouthwash back and forth in your mouth. This guarantees that all crevices are cleaned and any leftover food particles that brushing and flossing may have missed are also knocked loose.

A common concern that people with braces may have is whether you should find a mouthwash that has fluoride in it or not. Speaking with your NYC orthodontist is well-advised, as they can provide information that is essential to the care of your teeth. Listerine and Act are two popular brands of mouthwash, both of which can be found with fluoride.

If you are ever out of mouthwash, a simple mixture of warm water and a bit of salt will also be beneficial for your mouth. Swish the saltwater around the same way you would with standard mouthwash. Not only can this alleviate minor mouth aches, but it can assist in getting rid of small pieces of food.

Whatever type of mouthwash you end up using, just remember to make it part of your daily routine, and it will be much easier to maintain once the braces come off.

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