Summer is here and that means the kids will be be away from home for summer camps and trips. While few can deny that children need a break from the rigors of school for a few months, this can be a tricky time of year for kids with braces

Here's what you need to think about to ensure that your child's treatment plan stays on track during the summer: 


Along with sleeping bags, sunscreen and insect repellent, you will need to pack an orthodontic emergency kit for your child. It should include a small mirror, wax, flosspicks and any other tools that your child uses regularly. 

Most camps have a medical facility staffed with professions who can usually solve very minor orthodontic emergencies like a protruding wire. For the most part, camps are no strangers to kids with braces and often have a local orthodontist that they can call if necessary. 

Family vacation 

As recommended above, you should have an easily-accessible emergency kit in the event that your child is having any orthodontic issues. Before you leave home, you may want to ask your orthodontist if they know any providers that you could go to in the event of an emergency. 


It's important to remind your child that just because they're on vacation from school doesn't mean that their eating habits can be relaxed. Hard and sticky treats are still off limits. Be sure to inform camp counselors of this fact. 

If it's time for your child (or you) to have an orthodontic consultation, there's no need to delay. Contact the office of Dr. Tanya Vaysman, an orthodontist in New York, today!

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