People of all ages get braces because they want to improve their smile and overall appearance. However, despite their many benefits, some patients complain that their teeth look yellow after treatment is completed.

If you want to prevent your teeth from discoloring both during and after your treatment, then you should consider following the tips below. This advice will help ensure that your teeth don’t appear stained after a New York city orthodontist removes your braces:

1) Brush after every meal or snack

This is critical as food or even beverages that aren’t washed away can permanently yellow your teeth once your braces are taken off.

2) Consider purchasing and using an interdental brush

These can help you remove plaque underneath your wires and in between your brackets.

3) Rinse with a mouthwash

Mouthwash not only makes your breath smell good, but it can also help eliminate plaque that can discolor your teeth. Keep in mind not to eat or drink anything for approximately 30 minutes after your rinse so the bacteria-fighting ingredients can work on cleaning your teeth.

4) Steer clear of whitening strips

Some patients want to know why they can’t just use whitening strips to help them get that smile they always wanted. However, doing so during treatment will just leave squares on your teeth.

5) Take advantage of a free service

Patients at Upper Eastside Orthodontists should know that there is a whitening gel that they can get from Dr. Vaysman at no addition charge. Just put the gel in your custom retainer and at the end of your treatment, you’ll see brilliant results!

6) Use a fluoride-containing toothpaste

Toothpaste with this naturally occurring compound can eliminate surface stains. Other chemicals in fluoridated toothpaste such as sodium tripolyphosphate can also help break down and even dissolve discoloration.

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