Eating better in 2013 can increase your dental health

At Upper Eastside Orthodontists, we know that you have big plans for 2013. Whether it's resolving to join a new club or finally changing career paths, there are countless ways that you can become a new and better you over the next 12 months.

One New Year's resolution that can improve your overall health is eating better. But, while many Americans take this pledge, few follow through. To ensure you keep down this path, one that can also contribute to your overall dental wellness, we advise that you:

Say goodbye to problem foods – Many of the same foods that are high in calories and sugar have been named by dentists as contributing to poor oral health. We recommend that you cut out sugary drinks, microwavable meals and fast foods that could be contributing to weight gain and other ailments.

Set small, achievable goals – Remember, a New Year's resolution is something you'll be carrying out for a whole year. As such, you shouldn't feel pressured to instantly change your diet overnight. By cutting out cavity-causing snacks and buying more fruits and vegetables in January, you can put yourself on pace for bigger goals come next December.

Start at the supermarket – Cutting out problem foods doesn't start at home. Learn portion and appetite control by shopping for healthy foods at the supermarket and putting down any impulse buys. To help you make better choices, consider shopping for your items online. Doing so could decrease your risk for falling victim to those attractive packages.

While eating healthy is a great initiative, for better health, we recommend that you pay your local orthodontist a visit. If you're in the New York area, we'd be happy to help you set up an appointment so you can finally correct your smile with Invisalign clear braces, traditional braces or our other affordable alternatives.

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