It can be difficult enough to ensure that your children eat healthy, but it can be an even more trying process when they have braces. Not only do the brackets make biting into things like apples more tricky, but after braces are tightened, eating certain foods can be painful. However, kids with braces can still eat healthy without putting extra pressure on their teeth.

When it comes to fruits and vegetables, try cutting them into smaller pieces. Everything from apples to carrots and celery can be sliced into manageable bites that won't cause food to get stuck in the fronts of brackets. Or, stick to softer options, such as bananas and unsweetened applesauce. A healthy smoothie comprised of fresh produce, milk and ice could also be a welcome relief to sore mouths.

Another way to prepare some of these foods is by cooking them. For example, carrots and broccoli will be much softer after steaming or sautéeing. Other vegetables – peas, squash or mashed potatoes – are also more gentle on teeth with braces.

Dairy products and various meats can also be easily consumed. Cottage cheese is a good choice, along with yogurt. An occasional small helping of ice cream will also be simple to chew and the cool temperature can be nice after a tightening. For protein, try softer options like pot roast or even crab cakes.

Not all foods have to be eaten from a straw while an orthodontic treatment is underway. With different preparation techniques, all meals and snacks can be developed to work with braces, rather than against them. Speaking with your New York orthodontist can be useful in creating a healthy meal plan that both you and your children can enjoy.

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