Elisa Beth Palmer probably didn't think that posting a picture of herself online after her braces were removed would garner so much attention. After the 18-year-old college student from Pensacola, Florida, uploaded before-and-after images of herself to Facebook and Reddit, she quickly garnered hundreds of "Likes" and comments.

Palmer underwent three years of orthodontic treatment and  jaw surgeries to correct a severe misalignment. She answered a few questions on a Reddit thread, saying that her treatment was not for cosmetic purposes, but to correct her bite.

The online response to her surgery has mostly been positive, with Facebook and Reddit users offering their congratulations to her and support. Many also shared their own stories about how orthodontic treatment changed their lives and increased their confidence. Palmer wrote about her own issues with bullying, but noted that help from her family and friends made dealing with braces and surgery much easier.

"My friends liked me because I was funny and we liked the same things," Palmer wrote in a Reddit post. "They have always stuck by my side, not knowing one day I would look a little better."

Palmer's story has spread past internet forums and was featured on the Huffington Post and Yahoo! Canada. She told her local ABC affiliate, WEAR, that she was surprised that something as routine as orthodontic treatment would make headlines.

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