Have you ever heard of Bottlemouth Syndrome?

It’s not uncommon for parents to give their young children a bottle or juice before naptime or bedtime, but milk and sugary liquids can be harmful to a child’s mouth and teeth — more so in younger children — when left sitting in the mouth. When they drink these liquids, they may sit for a period of time in their mouth and on their teeth and cause decay. This is what can lead to bottlemouth syndrome.

Bottlemouth syndrome can lead to needing oral surgery when left untreated. Dr. Shiva Basir wants to help parents understand the importance of keeping an eye on the symptoms. These symptoms include:

  • A change in gum color
  • Mouth irritation
  • Noticeable changes in how their teeth look

The best thing you can do to prevent this is to stay on a schedule for meals. Give them their milk and/or juice at meal time and properly rinse as needed. You could also have them drink some water before napping or sleeping for the night.

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