Help Your Child Enjoy Brushing Their Teeth

Parents – You’re In Luck!

If you as a parent are struggling to create a healthy brushing habit with your children, our own Dr. Shiva Basir at Upper East Side Kids Dentist has some tips for you!

  1. Set the example.

Let’s face it: Kids copy what they see. Make the habit by brushing along side with them at the same time every night. Predictability goes a long way in making this a regular practice.

  1. Let them “practice”.

You’ve heard it said, but it bears repeating: “Practice makes perfect.” Having them practice not only on themselves but also on others, like their toys or even yourself, turns it into less of a chore and more of an extension of play time while also helping them learn good technique.

  1. Reward them.

How about a little incentive to the game? Make them want to brush those pearly whites! Rewards like a sticker chart calendar for brushing every night, or a small allowance or toy at the end of a good upkeep of the habit can help a young child stay motivated.

  1. Make it a game.

Turn the activity into a daring quest to an unknown land, a game of Jeopardy, or anything your child will enjoy. Turning each step into a part of a story can help aid in remembering the process before it has become a habit.

  1. Change the toothbrush, toothpaste or its flavor, just to “mix things up” a bit.

Try something new! There are a variety of flavors, colors, and styles of toothpaste and toothbrushes geared especially towards children to make the process more enjoyable for them. Getting them a toothbrush shaped like their favorite cartoon character might help in creating an affinity towards the habit, and child-friendly “training” toothpaste can be safer if your child still has a hard time not swallowing their toothpaste.

And Lastly, Come Visit Dr. Basir!

She’s an Upper East Side Kids Dentist who loves children and can help with tips and techniques geared particularly towards your child. Call today and save your children’s beautiful teeth for years to come!

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