In Hollywood, it seems like every person’s goal is to look as perfect as possible. That means having the right haircut, stylish clothes and a great figure. It’s not often that we hear about men and women in the spotlight trying to play up their inner geek.

However, actress Eden Sher has apparently made it clear that she is more than willing to embrace her dorkiness. ABC’s “The Middle” starlet reportedly wore a set of removable braces to her audition, which helped land her the job. Interested in knowing another fun fact? She hasn’t taken them off since.

But, Sher, who plays high school outcast Sue Heck on the show, says she doesn’t have any intention of taking them off anytime soon because they help her blend in with the crowd when she isn’t filming.

”I don’t ever get recognized by anyone,” the 21-year-old said in a statement. ”I don’t get offended by it. I take it as a compliment.”

During the brief time that she appeared on the hit television show “Weeds,” she also donned a pair of removable braces. She had braces in real life when she was on the comedy-drama, but completed her orthodontic treatment mid season. In an effort to achieve continuity, “Weeds” producers had her orthodontist create braces that could be put in and taken out whenever necessary.

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