How bad are American teeth?

The teeth are often one of the most noticed physical characteristics, with straight, white rows being sought after by many. Not everyone though is lucky enough to have straight teeth. For years, Americans have been touted as having perfect teeth, especially compared to their British counterparts. According to a new study though, this belief is no longer true, and may not have been all along.

British and American Teeth

According to the analysis compiled by the British Adult Dental Health Survey and the U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, American’s may actually have similar oral issues to the English. Although Americans have been found to suffer from more missing teeth and have a greater disparity in oral health care between rich and poor residents, the British report many problems with overall oral issues.

The results do not indicate that one subset of countries has worse teeth than another, but rather, that both have a “mixed bag” of issues that affect overall health and quality of life. There are a few reasons why there are such differences between the countries. Many oral healthcare providers in the U.S. are private, whereas the healthcare system is nationalized in Britain.

Oral health can have a great effect on eating habits, social activities, speaking, and self-confidence. By taking control of your mouth, people in all countries can lead a better, healthier lifestyle.

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