While it's always wise to maintain a regular oral hygiene regimen, this is especially important for individuals with orthodontic braces. Food particles can easily get caught behind wires and brackets, causing plaque build up. This can result in tooth decay if allowed to go on for too long and may prolong orthodontic treatment. Even if you have braces, bushing teeth works the same way, but flossing presents a bit of a problem. 

While flossing is harder, it's certainly not impossible if you keep the following tips in mind: 

  • Assist younger children – If you are a parent of a kid with braces, you will need to help them floss. Have them sit down in a well-lit area while you do the threading. 
  • Consider alternative products – There are options like a water pick or an orthodontic floss threader that can make cleaning your teeth much easier. Be sure to ask your orthodontist for suggestions. 
  • Give yourself more time – You can't be in a rush to floss your teeth when you have orthodontic appliances installed. Cleaning your teeth may take twice as long, so be sure to set aside enough time in the morning and evening for this activity. 
  • Used waxed floss – The non-waxed variety is more likely to get caught on braces and leave behind shreds. This type of floss will also slide between teeth more easily.  

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