Although there are benefits to all types of braces, clear braces are especially attractive to patients because they are less visible. However, reputable New York City orthodontists will tell you that even though they're out of sight, so to speak, they should never be out of mind.  It is highly recommended that patients follow a strict hygiene routine to avoid tooth and appliance discoloration while wearing clear braces.

To keep your teeth and braces from yellowing, it's important that you:

1) Always brush right after every meal

Patients who want their braces to be less obvious are doing themselves a disservice by not following this simple advice. In fact, individuals who don't brush after eating are at risk for making their braces quite noticeable. 

2) Avoid certain foods

Coffee is notorious for staining clear braces, as are other drinks and foods like dark-colored sodas, curries, tomato sauce, juice and red wine. If you  don't see yourself eliminating these beverages or bites from your diet, it's critical you brush after you enjoy them.

3) Consider using an electric toothbrush

Manual toothbrushes are certainly acceptable, but electric ones rotate their heads thousands of times a minute. This speed can be tremendously helpful in removing stains.

4) Don't miss an appointment

During your monthly appointments with your orthodontist, your ligatures will be changed. These tiny rubber bands can be responsible for any discoloration. Skipping an appointment means you'll have to live with yellowish-tinted braces until you revisit the office.

 5) Steer clear of abrasive products

You may have heard baking soda can whiten teeth, but using this kitchen ingredient, sometimes included in toothpastes, on braces can be quite damaging. Brushing frequently with a gentle toothpaste is the best way to avoid staining. 

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