Seeing an orthodontist for regular appointments and consultations is the best way to reduce the risk of developing tooth, gum and jaw issues over time. Once you start meeting with our professional New York City orthodontists you may find that there are structural or alignment issues with your teeth that should be corrected in order to create the best and strongest smile possible.

Many adults have either never visited an orthodontist, or haven't since they were much younger. Over years of use and growth, your teeth move and change, which means that you may have noticed your teeth shift out of place, encouraging you to visit an orthodontist to learn about what your options are. If you and your dental care specialist decide that braces, spacers or expanders are necessary, you may have a bit of an adjustment ahead of you.

Here are a few simple steps for keeping your gums, teeth and braces in good shape while wearing braces:

  1. Be Gentle: The first and most important step is to be gentle. With brackets to be wary of, be sure to brush your braces gently and with caution. It is best to press firmly enough that your brush works its way into the spaces of the wire and tooth.
  2. Brush: Be sure to brush in and around the wires and brackets, and get under each wire for a clean feel and look. You may find it helpful to have an electric toothbrush for this.
  3. Chewing surfaces: The chewing surface of your tooth should be cleaned with a firm back and forth motion, and significant time spent on each tooth.
  4. Elastics: If you have to wear elastics in order to help with the alignment and resting place of your teeth, you should remove them before brushing or flossing. This will give you the opportunity to brush in and around the brackets for a cleaner feel. Just remember their positioning so that you put them back in to the exact right location.
  5. Flouride: For the best products to use on your teeth and braces a fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled, compact toothbrush are your best options. For the best results brush in a circular motion along the gumline and be sure to thoroughly brush the surface of each tooth.
  6. Time: You should spend approximately 10 seconds on each tooth before moving to the next one. Try to use a set pattern so you don't accidentally miss any teeth!
  7. Rinse: After you have finished brushing, and before you have replaced your elastics (if you have them), be sure to rinse with a fluoride mouthwash.
  8. Spit: You should spit out extra toothpaste and look closely at your teeth and braces in the mirror to check that they are as clean and shiny as possible!

When you have braces, it can often change a lot about your morning and nighttime routine, and the foods that you eat. But it is never too late, or too much effort, to have the most beautiful and healthiest smile possible. To learn more about how Upper Eastside Orthodontists can help you determine the best treatment options for you, like adult braces, contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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