Ceramic braces are a good choice of braces for adults because the brackets are designed to blend in with the teeth to be unnoticeable. Unlike metal and clear braces, these are made to look similar to your teeth and they can align teeth much faster than metal and clear brackets. However, they stain easily if proper care isn't practiced. Here are some methods to prevent staining:

Brush after every meal.

Developing this habit ensures that food coloring and other content are washed off. It will also prevent tooth decay, which is a high risk due to food getting stuck between brackets.

Don't forget to floss and rinse.

Flossing and rinsing with mouthwash ensures that the gunk in all the hard-to-reach places with a toothbrush is well cleaned. Ceramic braces will start to discolor and eventually stain if these aren't done regularly.

No smoking!

Smoking is one of the most harmful things to oral hygiene. It discolors and stains your teeth and also ruins the color of your orthodontic braces. Nicotine gives the ligatures a yellow color and leaves a permanent stain that requires additional, expensive procedures to clean.

Avoid a few types of food.

The red color of tomatoes is too strong against ceramic brackets and lasts a long time. Mustard instantly stains the brackets, as will coffee and colas. Food with artificial coloring is also a bad idea.

Don't use whitening toothpaste.

After having your braces removed, you'll have spots on your teeth where the brackets used to be because the toothpaste couldn't reach.

Keep your appointment.

Your ligatures will be replaced every four to six weeks to get rid of the stained ones and give you a new look. The doctor will also adjust your braces if needed and check the condition of the brackets.

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