Despite their desire for straighter teeth and a healthier smile, many working professionals are wary of pursuing orthodontic treatment. Why? They are often unsure of how they will be perceived  by their work colleagues and worry about whether they'll have enough time to keep up with regular appointments and adjustments. Fortunately, braces have come a long way since the days of wires and headgear, and there are many discrete options for adults to pursue. 

Tulsa, Oklahoma, CBS affiliate KOTV recently profiles two local professionals who are currently under the care of Dr. Clint Emerson, a local orthodontist. The first patient featured, Angela Larson, said that after grinding her teeth for years she decided that it was necessary to see an orthodontist. She did have one stipulation, however, as she was only interested in clear braces. She is a Chief Financial Officer for a retirement community and did not want her professionalism to come into question. Dr. Emerson recommended lingual braces, and so far she has been happy with them. 

The second patient, Dr. Laurie Flynn, is a surgical oncologist. As a medical professional she knew that it was important to set a good example for her patients, but didn't want her braces to be distracting. 

"As a surgeon, I come in contact with a lot of people every day," Dr. Flynn told the media outlet. "I didn't want to detract from the situation at hand. I didn't want to focus on my braces." 

So far, her treatment with invisible braces has been successful. 

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