Hydration and Dental Health for Kids

Did you know hydration and dental health are connected? When kids drink water they are helping improve their own oral health. Drinking water does a lot more than keeping your child hydrated. It can also help to promote good dental health. Dr. Shiva Basir states that fluoridated water, in particular, has numerous benefits for your teeth. Here are a few of them.

Water and Stronger Teeth

Water with fluoride is commonly called “nature’s cavity fighter” because it helps prevent cavities. Research shows that kids who drink fluoridated water have a lower risk of developing tooth decay than their peers who don’t. Fluoride is often found in oral hygiene products because of its ability to strengthen teeth and protect from cavities.

Hydration and A Clean Mouth

Hydration and dental health are connected since drinking water helps wash away food particles in the mouth. Debris can lead to the accumulation of bacteria and water keeps it at bay. Kids like to drink juice, soda, and other sugary drinks. These can leave sugar on the teeth and create the perfect breeding ground for cavity-causing bacteria. Water washes away food particles to prevent the accumulation of bacteria. Water also fights a dry mouth, diluting the acid produced by cavity-causing bacteria. and improving the production of saliva. This helps to protect the teeth’s enamel. Besides brushing teeth, drinking water throughout the day contributes to a cavity-free smile.

It’s Calorie-free

Any Upper East Side Kids Dentist will agree that unlike sweetened drinks, water promotes dental health while protecting against unwanted weight gain. In fact, water can help your child maintain or lose weight. It’s a calorie-free option for hydrating your children and protecting their teeth.

Hydration and Dental Health

There is a connection between proper hydration and dental health. But maintaining good dental hygiene requires more than just drinking water. Regular visits to an experienced New York Dentist will help to identify potential dental problems. Contact our offices today with your questions about hydration and your child’s dental health.