The Importance of Early Orthodontic Intervention for Your Child

There truly is no “right age” for a person to start orthodontic treatment. Healthy teeth can be treated and improved by an orthodontist at any age.

Whether a patient is a teenager or an adult, the best time to consider orthodontic treatment to help your teeth look and work their best is now.

Current recommendations by the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) advise seeking the care of an orthodontic practitioner as soon as the presence of an issue requiring those services is noticed. The best time to receive an orthodontic evaluation is by the age of 7. In most circumstances, children this young will not require immediate treatment. However, patient cases can and will vary. For patients who do have conditions requiring orthodontic care, early intervention (well in advance of permanent teeth arriving) allows your orthodontist to more easily help guide the jaw and teeth into correct positions as they grow and develop.

Seeking a check-up with a licensed orthodontist while some of your child’s baby teeth are still present, and their facial structures and jaw are developing, gives parents the peace of mind that their children will grow into adulthood with a healthy, straight smile, and strong, functional teeth.

While your orthodontist may recommend early intervention for your child, she may also advise a period of “watchful waiting” where the condition and presence of issues will be carefully and diligently monitored periodically as your child develops and grows.

Rest assured that, when the time is right for orthodontic care, your orthodontist will draw upon her experience to select the right time and interval to ensure the best possible outcome, which will be reflected in your child’s healthier, straighter, and dazzling smile.

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