Is getting adult braces really worth it?

If you find yourself asking, “Is it really worth it to be fitted with braces now?” you’ve come to the right place for answers. Being fitted with braces as an adult can be scary, especially if you’re worried about oral health and what others will think.

Why are the teeth so important? Proper chewing, eating and meeting of the teeth are essential, as they can affect other body systems such as the digestive and circulatory. They also have the ability to reveal a lot about a person, even without speaking to them. The teeth are one of the most common physical ways through which others can tell a person’s age, physical health, and at times even socioeconomic class.

Recent research has proven that the appearance of the teeth can have a direct affect on the physical attraction others may have of you. A study published in the Open Journal of Stomatology examined the role teeth play in physical attraction. The study found that those with a better, straighter smile were five times as lucky to be contacted for a date than their counterparts.

Health Issues to Consider

The teeth are more than just a physical sign of health though. By not taking care of you pearly whites, real issues can develop such as improper cleaning habits, gum and bone erosion, facial pain and issues speaking or eating.

If you’re suffering from oral health issues, consider making a change today. There are many different forms of braces to choose from such as Invisalign or iBraces, as well as non-wearable help like AcceleDent.

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