Braces are an ideal solution for individuals who want that perfect smile. But, like most things, the road to straight teeth is not without its own speed bumps. Minor orthodontic issues can be treated with simple items that can be carried  in an individual kit. Of course, any serious problems should be brought to the attention of your New York City orthodontist. But take a look at some common ailments below and what can be done to put your mouth at ease.

  • Food stuck in teeth: This hardly ever causes pain for someone with braces, but it can be embarrassing! Keep dental floss, toothpicks or even an interproximal brush on hand so you can easily clear your brackets and keep your smile food-free.
  • Protruding wire: Sometimes, when braces are first applied or brackets are tightened, a wire could be just a little too long and might cause some irritation to the inner cheek or lips. But, with some extra non-medicated wax, you can cover up the end and stop the pain.
  • General discomfort: After a tightening, your mouth might become sore. This is completely normal, but if the pain is too much, rinsing with warm salt water can help. Remember to eat soft foods, as this will be much gentler on your tender teeth. Additionally, a topical antiseptic or over-the-counter pain relievers can also ease the pain. However, be sure to speak with your New York orthodontist to determine what the best option is for you.

While it can be helpful to have a kit like this to solve small problems, it is important to remember that if anything serious arises, you should contact your orthodontist. Braces are not designed to be a pain – they're meant to help you achieve the best smile possible.

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