For some orthodontic patients, braces are not always the go-to answer for straightening teeth and making adjustments to one's bite. While it is important to speak with your New York City orthodontist to find the best solution to perfect your smile, a less invasive option – and a more subtle one as well – might be the way to go.

Such is the case with Khloe Kardashian, who became the latest celebrity to get Invisalign. The reality TV star and wife of NBA player Lamar Odom, Kardashian admitted through social media that she had indeed opted for Invisalign to straighten her teeth.

In fact, she corrected a fan who reached out to her on Twitter and said that she thought it was "cute" that Kardashian was "getting braces at 28."

"Thanks baby but I don't have braces," Kardashian wrote, complete with a happy face emoticon.

The online news source Radar spoke with Kardashian's orthodontist, who said that his patient had a beautiful smile and the adjustment was very minor, which is why clear braces were the right choice. Her orthodontist added that he works with the entire Kardashian family and Kanye West – the current boyfriend of Kim Kardashian.

According to the source, Kardashian began her Invisalign treatment on May 9, and is very much looking forward to perfecting her smile.

The clear, removable teeth aligners can be an ideal option for adults who do not want to have the standard brackets and wires that accompany braces. However, it is important to remember that every mouth is different and patients will benefit from a meeting with their orthodontist to create the best plan.

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