When braces are first removed, most people feel a sense of freedom and relief. However, it is very important not to forget to maintain your oral hygiene routine. To keep your new smile looking just as great as it did the day the hardware came off, preventative oral care will be required. If you choose not to follow oral care recommendations provided by your New York orthodontist or don't wear your retainer, your teeth can revert back to their original positioning.

Oral hygiene

A daily brushing and flossing routine ensures a healthy mouth. Preventing tooth decay, bacteria and plaque buildup will reduce the risk of cavities and gum disease, not to mention increase your confidence.


You should brush your retainers each time you brush your teeth, using a soft toothbrush and toothpaste. Rinse well before putting them back in your mouth.

Never use hot water to wash and rinse the retainers because it can distort the material and they won't fit properly, making them useless. Retainers should be soaked in a non-toxic cleaning solution as food particles and plaque can collect on them. If you don't have to wear them all the time, store them in a mixture of water and mouthwash.

Sensitive Gums

If you experience gum sensitivity following removal of your adult braces, rinse with a mixture of warm water and salt to alleviate soreness and swelling. This helps attack any malicious bacteria and will get your gums back to their natural, strong and healthy state in no time.

For more tips on orthodontic hygiene or to schedule an appointment for yourself, contact Dr. Tanya Vaysman and her friendly staff of New York City orthodontists at Upper Eastside Orthodontists.

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