Americans and Brits have plenty in common, but for a long time, how we treat our teeth has not been one of them . The island nation has long been ridiculed and parodied for stereotypes of citizens with yellowing or crooked teeth. The problem is so bad that in Spanish-speaking countries, bad teeth are referred to as "dientes Ingles" (English teeth). 

Over the past few years, a cultural shift has seemed to come over the British population. More people are choosing to improve their smiles with various dental procedures. For a while, many celebrities across the pond had veneers, but this has quickly fallen out of favor due to the unnatural look that veneer treatment results in. At the same time, orthodontic treatment has grown in popularity. 

The most famous Brit to recently have braces so far has been Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, according to Newsweek. Back when she was just Kate Middleton, the soon-to-be royal sought treatment from Dr. Didier Fillion, a French orthodontist who now practices in the U.K.

Middleton chose lingual braces so that she could continue being in the public eye without having to worry about her looks. Lingual braces are similar to the traditional metal variety, but are attached to the tongue-side of the teeth. Someone would have to look inside someone's mouth to see these invisible braces

According to Dr. Fillion, orthodontic options like lingual braces are much less expensive than veneers and allow the teeth to look natural. 

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