Braces aren’t just for kids and teenagers anymore. According to CBS 5 News, more seniors than ever are investing in their orthodontic health.

There are many factors affecting this age group’s decision to make a change now, one of the biggest being confidence. As people age, their bodies change, some of those changes not always for the better. With the average life span continuing to rise, many are looking to improve the quality of life in their golden years by making a more concerted focus on their orthodontic health.

“It has kind of always been the national average of people getting orthodontics, one quarter of them are adults, but, we are finding that our adults are getting older and older,” said  one orthodontist told the news source.

Others worry about losing their teeth or not being able to chew and eat correctly. Aging over time will cause oral health issues to arise, and something as simple as an infected gum can spur serious complications in the elderly.

Senior Oral Healthcare

Seniors have the same options for oral healthcare as their younger counterparts. These include:

  • Ceramic brackets: One of the most popular forms of braces, these minimize the appearance of treatment without affecting overall care.
  • Clear bracesThis type of braces is barely visible to others. There are different types of clear braces such as iBraces and Invisalign. Although these may be more physically pleasing, they do require a longer period of time for wear.
  • Metal brackets: An archwire holds the bracket in place. The wires accompanying these types of braces are periodically tightened by specialists.

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