When most people think of the perfect candidate for braces, the first image that typically comes to mind is an awkward teenager with crooked teeth or a severe under or overbite. However, did you know that moody adolescents aren’t the only ones who could benefit from this type of orthodontic treatment? Oral care experts agree that your son or daughter should have his or her first checkup with an orthodontist by the age of seven. If your kid has developed any of the habits below, you should let their orthodontist know, as the following tendencies are indicators that your little one may need braces in the future:

1) Early, late or erratic loss of baby teeth

2) Problems chewing or biting

3) Frequent mouth breathing

4) Regular thumb or finger sucking

5) Crowded or misaligned teeth

6) Inability to touch the top and bottom teeth

7) Jaws and teeth appear to be the incorrect size for your son or daughter’s face

Of course, just because your peanut sucks her thumb from time-to-time doesn’t mean she is certainly going to need braces. However, regardless of whether she does in the future, it is still a good idea to have a professional who specializes in orthodontic treatment see your child. They can properly assess your son or daughter’s individual situation.

If you live in New York City, you may want to consider scheduling an appointment with Dr. Tanya Vaysman of Upper Eastside Orthodontists. She and her experienced staff will answer any questions you have and let you know if your child may need orthodontic braces or some other form of treatment.

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