According to a recent survey conducted by the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), an estimated 23 million adults are interested in improving their smiles. Despite this growing interest in orthodontic treatment, many potential patients share similar concerns about the length of treatment and their options. A few fear that they will be stuck with the metal brackets and headgear that many of their friends and classmates had as children.

Technological advances in orthodontic treatment have made having a braces a much more pleasant experience. We've detailed a few reasons why below: 

  • Comfort – Products like Invisalign can eliminate the regular tightenings needed for traditional metal braces. In addition to reducing the physical discomfort, more discrete or clear braces can make adults feel more at ease in social situations. 
  • Customized results – Digital imaging systems make it possible for orthodontists to clearly determine the size of your teeth and their alignment. With this information, they can assess which orthodontic braces would work best without having to rely on a trial-and-error approach. 
  • Faster treatment – Working professionals have busy lives. With today's cutting-edge technologies, orthodontic treatment for many patients barely lasts over a year. Most adults with braces for such a short period can make time to keep up with their orthodontist's appointments. 

With so many options for adult braces, there's no reason why you should fear looking "childish." If you're interested in getting the smile you've always wanted and improving your oral health, your first step is to make an appointment with an orthodontist in New York. Contact Upper Eastside Orthodontists today to learn more. 

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