Senior Oral Health Issues

According to oral healthcare statistics, as many as three quarters of adults have some form of orthodontic health issues.

Although braces may seem like they are just for kids, this could not be further from the truth. One in five adults is now fitted with braces, something that simply wasn’t the case 20 years ago.

Malocclusion and Seniors

Recent research has shown that malocclusion or a bad bite is becoming more frequent in adults, which can be attributed to less than stellar childhood oral health, as well as improper brushing techniques later in life and a lack of clear understanding of the importance of oral health.

Although age may be considered a factor in some procedures, for others, it will more often be based upon general health, the problem that is being remedied and the procedure itself.

Periodontal Health and Seniors

Your periodontal health is vital, as it can affect other areas of your body, in addition to the mouth. Periodontal gum disease can lead to the loss of tooth-supporting bone, which is actually more common in adults than adolescents.

Although poor oral health does not always lead to periodontal disease, it can if left untreated. But, poor oral health can lead to other serious issues such as misaligned teeth, which in turn can lead to teeth being harder to clean, causing plaque buildup and chewing issues.

A straight, white smile has been proven to improve life at all ages, causing self-confidence and overall happiness to surge.

If you are interested in learning more about orthodontic health or would like to schedule a personalized appointment, schedule a consultation with New York City orthodontist Dr. Tanya Vaysman today, or visit our website.

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