Protect Your Child from Sports-Related Dental Injuries with Sports Dentistry

With an ever-growing number of children engaging in sports and exercise, sports dentistry plays a vital role in promoting the prevention and treatment of dental injuries, as well as repairing dento-facial injuries. When assisting our patients who are active athletes, our team emphasizes the advantages of mouthguards, performance-enhancing mouth wear, face masks, and other oral appliances.

When any child is involved in contact sports or other active ventures, using a custom fabricated mouthguard is paramount to effective injury prevention. Mouthguards help protect the teeth, jawbones and soft tissues of the mouth from injury. A mouthguard that does not fit properly may cause discomfort and not be worn at all, or it may not provide expected protection from injury. Professionally diagnosed and designed mouthguards fit the teeth precisely with multiple layers created for stability, sturdiness and comfort. If your child may need to be fitted for a custom mouthguard, call our practice today to set up an appointment. It’s much easier to prevent damage than repair it!

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